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PCP Steel Scaffold Boards from WWSA Ltd

Available for Sales and Hire. (Minimum Quantities & Hire Periods apply)

Fire-proof, lightweight and slip-resistant System and T&F Scaffold Boards

On account of its lighter weight and integral non-slip properties, PcP offers fast and easy-to-install steel scaffold boards that are tested in the UK to meet and exceed BS EN 12811-1, Load Class 6.
PcP steel scaffold boards for Tube & Fitting scaffolding are lighter, at 14.5 kg than new or wet wood boards. This means safer handling with faster erection and dismantles times, meeting Health and Safety regulations' requirements when using PcP scaffolding solutions.

The unique surface with upward grip holes on PcP’s steel scaffolding boards provides the highest possible non-slip properties for this kind of product – compliant to R13 DIN 51130, which minimises the risk of slip and fall accidents. The holes also ensure that the scaffolding is drained and always dry – there is no need to sweep or turn the boards over after snow or frost.


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